Our Services include:

Sthembiso Mbhele & Associates works development applications for applicants, Councils and submitters and provide well rounded advice looking at all sides and considering all options.

The scope of the work starts at the strategic planning level involving review of planning documents on behalf of various parties at National, Provincial and Local levels, through master planning for major developments on greenfield sites to RDP developments site.

The adviceĀ Sthembiso Mbhele & Associates provides ranges from matters of due diligence for site selection, through prospects in relation to appeal work, advice on the process of government and individual conditions.

Sthembiso Mbhele & Associates undertakes all steps in both appeal and enforcement work in the Planning and Environment Court, appearing both with and without counsel depending upon the complexity of matters and the needs of our clients.


  • Offering legal support in the applications for rezoning and planning consent, and other legislative procedures relating to the acquisition of land use rights.
  • Providing legal support in the implementation of development proposals or site development plans.
  • Assisting in the planning of roads, rail and airport facilities and revision and upgrading of existing infrastructure.
  • Facilitating dispute resolution mechanisms between developers and communities affected by infrastructure development.
  • Advice on mining rights and land use compliance.
  • Advice and representation for affected parties at town planning or appeal hearings.